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Visit us at EuroShop 2023

From 26 February to 2 March 2023 EuroShop, The World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair, will bring together the international retail world in Düsseldorf. And First Impression will be there with a state-of-the-art booth that present our retail promise at one glance.  

The hybrid store: three retail innovations to consider

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that having an online strategy is necessary for a retailer to stay afloat. Some retailers are focusing on the hybrid shopping experience: an experience where the online experience seamlessly blends into the physical experience.

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This is what you can do to inspire your customer in the shop(ping street)

From a much-needed errand to a day out, the shopping street has become the place to experience a brand experience and experience products that you might not even know you needed beforehand. In this blog, I will give you five tips to inspire your customers in your store.

Don't let labor shortage spoil your customer's shopping pleasure

Retail, hospitality, or maybe even the whole leisure industry; they all deal with labor shortages.  How will you ensure that the shortage of employees does not spoil the shopping pleasure of your customers?

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Entice your customer with in-store technology

Something that we can’t ignore anymore, and to be honest, don’t want to ignore anymore, is certainly the use of technology in retail. In the store, behind the scenes, and obviously online as well. Will you roll out the technological red carpet as well, and make your shop experience a real omnichannel experience, or will you sit this one out?

Creating a digital twin

How to take storytelling to a next level? First Impression’s CTO Hadewig Both held an interview with international AV magazine Inavate about the realization of the experience center in The Hague, from concepting to installation.

A smarter way for you as retailer to deal with labor shortage

Do you have your own store? Then you have probably noticed that there is a significant labor shortage. The Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics reports that more than 80 percent of companies in the retail sector are now suffering from the labor shortage.

Add sensation to your car dealership

Every year the automotive industry takes significant steps. The car dealership is not just a point of sale anymore, but rather the place where you make a personal connection between brand and customer.

Why an experience center is vital for your company

Whether you are a marketeer or innovation manager, or logistics manager or production manager, one thing is for certain: you are all working on solving issues in order to contribute to the growth objectives of your company. But what if you have a very complex (industrial) product or perhaps there is only a latent need in the market?

From clicks to bricks: the ultimate customer journey in retail

Only a physical or only an online customer journey no longer exists. Your customers expect a seamless connection between the online and offline experience they have with your brand. A well-thought-out omnichannel strategy therefore is a must.

How To Get Customers Back Into The Store

Are your store visits back to pre-pandemic levels? Consumers are now used to shopping online and need to find their way back to physical retail. Studies show that consumers certainly want that but expect to be surprised in-store. So how do you achieve that as a retailer?

Our House

A museum-cum-nightclub brimming with technology brings the history of EDM to the masses in Amsterdam.

This article appeared in the September/October 2022 edition of MONDO-DR magazine.

Techno attraction offers multisensory journey through electronic music

When an Amsterdam club’s fate hung in the balance, enterprising music professionals devised a rescue plan to transform it into museum by day, club by night. Anna Mitchell explores a unique AV installation that delivers for both audiences.

This article appeared in Inavate Magazine.