Interactive exhibition stand

Bosch Professional Accessories

What we do:

Interactive exhibition experience

First Impression realized an interactive exhibition experience for Bosch Professional Accessories during the Global DIY Summit in Copenhagen. The focus here is to inform, inspire and activate visitors about the various Bosch Professional Accessories.

Extra cool: The exhibition stand will appear at various locations throughout Europe.

Place & Learn

RFID is the perfect solution to combine physical products with technology. An action is initiated using RFID-tags in or on the article. At this stand, visitors can place various Bosch Professional Accessories on an interactive table using RFID technology, which automatically starts an inspiring video about the tool.

Eye catcher

The video wall is the perfect tool for infotainment purposes, especially in combination with the place & learn solution. This draws the attention!

Design & Integration

Content creation
Bosch Professional Accessories didn't have to worry about content. Our in-house Creative Agency provided the spot-on visual & interactive content.
Perfect integration
To realize this custom exhibition stand, we worked together with our partner Tchai. Everything is perfectly integrated with in the stand.
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