Store communication

ICI Paris XL

What we do:

Interactive shopping experience

Generate more stopping power & traffic. That’s what ICI Paris XL wanted for all its stores. A total solution for shop window and in-store communication. Did First Impression have any ideas for this? Yeah, sure!

IPXL in a nutshell

3 months
Roll out

Facts & figures

A total solution of strategy, content, displays and a super-fast roll-out resulted in the winning combination.
Display tech
In all shops you will find shop window displays & various in-store displays with (animated) content developed by us.
Relevant & efficient
Responding to actions and services by showing the right item at the right time.
Digital innovations
And we are still committed to improving, developing and renewing the shopping experience.


“By not only developing our ideas, but also thinking about new concepts, First Impression does more than what is expected of them.”

“Since we started working with First Impression, a new wind has been blowing through the ICI PARIS XL windows. The digital screens display our actions in a dynamic and fresh way.”

“Thanks to the fast operation of First Impression, we can now react faster and switch quickly in last-minute actions.”

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