Digital Experience Center



Digital Experience Center

To reinforce the meaning and importance of digital transformation, Siemens wanted to build an immersive experience center to tell the story around the concept of Industry 4.0 and the ‘digital twin’. A ‘Digital twin’ is a virtual twin of a product, machine, process or entire production facility, containing all data and simulation models relevant to the original situation.

We worked together with Succesmakers to realize this beautiful experience center.

The making off 

The road to an experience center

Many innovative digital solutions in Industry 4.0 or Smart Industry are still under development and are also difficult to express in words or text. The experience at Siemens became a unique combination of the virtual and the real world and a state-of-the-art experience center. We created a hologram based on Siemens’ own digital twin concept: a digital expert who personally shows visitors around and shares his knowledge.
















The tour through the experience center is personalized per segment or vertical of the visitor. The projections and content of the displayed content differ per vertical market in which the visitor is active. We see this distinction in all content throughout the experience center. From floor projection at the reception to displayed presentation in the theater space.















Hologram: digit

The guide activates the hologram guide named 'Digit', by pressing a hidden button in the floor, which the guide operates with his foot. This is the 'Digital Twin' or virtual version of the tour guide that will make its appearance in different spots in the DEX and in different audiovisual ways. This creates a big 'wow'

Multifunctional space

The tour leads past a multifunctional space that can be used as a collaboration space. This space contains three large U-shaped projection walls on which all desired content can be projected. The walls all contain a touch function.















Light and audio effects

In the penultimate room we actually see a moving mixing and production machine to give an impression of what the machine performance looks like in an operational environment. Of course, in this part of the story, the digital guide is supported by light and audio effects.















All expectations exceeded

“The end result exceeds our expectations. Everything is right, from lighting to the smallest audio effect. The AV blends in seamlessly with the furniture that has been designed entirely in accordance with our brand guide. First Impression has completely unburdened us: from concept, design to content and technical implementation and support.” 

Nienke Vergeer
Digital innovation manager
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