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What we do:
Smart offices


In this meeting place for companies, entrepreneurs and industries you can rent a business space, organise meetings or have lunch and meet in the work café. The key to connecting was – literally and figuratively – sought in audiovisual technology. That was, of course, right up our alley! Biggest challenge? Experience and ease of use had to share first place…. Let’s go!

Key figures

Retractable displays
Presentation touchscreen


Interactive training space
A mega 98" presentation touchscreen for the trainer and 12 retractable displays for students. All linked together with a smart operating system. In this way the lesson material can be shown back and forth and the training becomes interactive and spot-on.
Meetings made easy
Connect your own device to the presentation screen at the touch of a button. Windows, Android or iOS, all are possible. A smart, uniform solution for top-level meeting and presenting in 20 rooms. Wireless and super simple.
Digital signage
Inform, inspire and guide visitors with smart way-finding.
Sound system
Background music in the entrance and the work café provides a warm welcome and creates the mood.

Pats on the back

“Even I understand how it all works!”

“Long, business training courses are suddenly a lot more challenging.”

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