First Impression presents flexible frame solution CLICK-1®

Reframing window displays

A first approach in making experience scalable.

CLICK-1® makes customization super easy, superfast, super sustainable and super affordable. Made for any brand around the globe.


What is CLICK-1®?

A standardized frame for digital window displays, that:

➔is customizable by color to meet retailers needs and wants to fit their shop window.

➔can be easily personalized by retailers, to match seasonal themes and campaigns; simply by switching the frame, with just one click.

➔is optimized for installation and service purposes, based on learnings from previous projects and most common hardware.

3-step approach

Customization made easy

Step 1:  Select base frame by type.
Step 2:  Select base frame color.
Step 3:  Add CLICK-1® to customize frame for special occasion, season or theme.

Personalize in a click

(Temporarily) restyle the frame to match with specific campaign themes.

The frame consists of 4 side profiles, that can be delivered in any RAL color, or even print.

The main features

  • Customization by color & personalization by any print or material: on large scale & across the globe
  • Functional: optimized for both style & function
  • Competitive pricing: thanks to smart standardization
  • Flex to the max & foolproof: switching the frames is piece of cake, no technician needed. Store staff can switch styles with the blink of an eye.
  • Sustainable materials: used frames are 100% re-used after returning
  • Sustainable design: space-friendly storage & efficient shipping (4 single side profiles)
  • Superfast & sustainable shipment: shipped efficiently, due to smart packaging (4 single side profiles)


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