Opticians & audiologists

Stand out and inform with digital signage

The world of opticians and audiologists is more multifaceted than it appears at first glance. The best optical and hearing solutions are innovative and ideally suited for an experiential environment. But how do you ensure that customers actually choose you? With digital signage, you stand out on the shopping street. Moreover, in-store digital signage helps with all steps of the customer journey. An interactive touchpoint for each step.

Opticians & audiologists

Digital signage solutions

Window displays

Digital displays offer flexibility, unlike a poster or light box. With the right software, you can even modify the content remotely, so that you always have a relevant window display that draws people in.  

Interactive touch solutions

Introduce customers to your range in advance through interactive touch screens and displays featuring key items and fashion trends. Have digital signage display relevant information about good hearing and vision.  

Cash register displays

Strengthen customer engagement at opticians and audiologists. Through a cash register display, highlight your loyalty program, information about promotions or branded content. Make ‘regular’ customers new members.

Video walls or LED

Make an impact with an impressive LED or video wall and increase the appeal of your shop. Showcase seasonal content, promotions and the latest trends in hearing aids and eyewear. Give them the information that makes them customers.  

130 window displays digitalized for Schoonenberg hearing support shops
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— 130 window displays digitalized for Schoonenberg hearing support shops

A window display is so much more than a digital poster. With the right technology and the right message, this digital solution increases traffic to the Schoonenberg shop.

How To Get Customers Back Into The Store
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— How To Get Customers Back Into The Store

Are your store visits back to pre-pandemic levels? Consumers are now used to shopping online and need to find their way back to physical retail. So how do you achieve that as a retailer?

Entice your customer with in-store technology
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— Entice your customer with in-store technology

We can’t escape it and – let’s face it – we don’t want to escape it anymore: technology in retail. On the store floor, behind the scenes and, of course, online. Have you also experienced how technology improves the ease of inventory management and financial processes in retail?


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