Sustainable business

Working together for a better world

We live for impact; for impacting people’s daily lives. Through our work. But at least as much by the way we work, what we work with, who we work for and who we work with: our customers, our partners and our AVenturers®.

Our impact objective

We minimize the impact on our planet. In fact, we are raising the bar and are 124% committed to keep challenging the status quo and flip the entire industry. We strongly believe that this is the only way, not only to reduce negative impacts on the environment, but also to contribute to a positive impact on people and society.

Pending B Corp

Our progressive program & smart methodology, and our chain-changing plans won us the nomination as a finalist for the Green Award at the AV Awards 2023. Above all, we are working toward sustainable goals and are currently being evaluated to become the world’s first B Corp-certified AV integrator.


Smart service

Our smart service solution helps detect abnormalities, which are then automatically resolved or reported to our 1st or 2nd line remote support technicians. Around 80% of service problems are solved remotely within a few hours. Super fast and with significant savings in travel time, costs and environmental impact. All hardware within our Network Operations Center is visible to our service team, giving them a perfect overview of how the systems are operating. This also makes it much easier to link customer data to hardware. As a result, we use power more intelligently, adjusting operation to opening hours, for example. When the shop is closed, the displays turn off automatically.


Smart deployment

We have developed a method whereby smart implementation tooling realises perfectly executed installations, worldwide. Close to home with our own team of technicians, as well as through local installers to whom we provide remote support in real-time. This means fewer travel movements for in-house installers resulting in a reduction of our CO2 emissions. All our solutions leave our warehouse fully prepared to specifications. This also reduces time on site and increases accuracy.


A more sustainable alternative

To help you make informed decisions and commit to both your and our sustainability goals, we evaluate applications based on energy savings and carbon footprint, and provide advice on more sustainable alternatives when appropriate. You are in complete control at every step.


Sustainable change in the chain

We have realized sustainable product improvements for major brands such as LG, Elo, Absen, Ecler and Samsung. We set the bar high and do not wait for change; we choose to be the change. We have a ‘think big, start small’ mindset and innovation is not just a topic on our agenda, it is at our core. It is what we do and who we are. It is what drives and connects us AVenturers®.

A positive & sparkling workplace

We offer a workplace where you can gain experience in the broadest possible sense. We choose to be a positive and sparkling place, where people explore new possibilities and do business with a smile. A place where you can develop yourself and be a source of inspiration for families, friends and communities. In this way, we are able to astound the world around us. That’s how we make first impressions last.


We are preparing ourselves for the future. Will you join us?

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