Luxury & Jewelry

Bring exclusivity to life in luxury retail

Connect personally with visitors who walk into your shop thanks to attractive dynamic content. Once inside, guide them past interactive touch screens as they create their luxury and jewelry items. Through storytelling, you enrich the brand engagement so that they become true fans. And repeat visitors. With state-of-the-art digital signage, you make a real impact.

Luxury & Jewelry

Digital signage solutions

Video walls or LED

Add luxury and exclusivity to your shop with an impressive LED or video wall. Increase your brand’s appeal and exceed all your customers’ expectations with a combination of video, text and images.

Interactive touch solutions

Bring your brand to life with interactive touch solutions. They provide an attractive and interactive way to present your luxury goods, while giving customers endless opportunities to explore.

Cash register displays

Make your cash register an unforgettable experience. Through a cash register display, you can highlight your loyalty programs, relevant information, trends or effective brand content. Capture your customers’ attention and entice them to make one last impulsive purchase.

Window displays

Start the shopping experience at your shop window. Increase appeal with indispensable content. The high-quality displays cause passers by to stop and enter your premises.

Fragrance experience

Create an exclusive experience for your brand with a distinctive fragrance. A scent that not only stimulates your customers’ buying behaviour, but also associates a fond memory with the combination of the fragrance and your brand.

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