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World of hearing by Schoonenberg

In this interactive world of hearing, Schoonenberg wanted to bring together innovation, knowledge and experience to help consumers experience the best hearing solutions. Would we like to be the partner for all audiovisual technology and content? You bet!

Key facts

World of Hearing
In-store tech


In-store tech
Lift & learn solution with RFID, immersive videowall & led-wall
Immersive experience room
Curved projection wall and table projection for lifelike simulation of hearing situations.
Customer journey
RFID technology is combined with interactive touch tables for a continuous customer experience.
Led wall
A wall measuring 8 x 1.5 metres above the shop entrance for impact stopping power and communication capabilities.

Interactive experience store

Immediately experience what a hearing aid can do for you and your partner. That’s the approach of the World of Hearing by Schoonenberg. Together with Schoonenberg and other partners, First Impression has been able to realise this with high-end AV solutions. These beautiful pieces of technology can be found in an 8 meter wide LED wall, 3 RFID stations with the most innovative devices of today, 2 touch tables with intuitive selection indicators and an immersive experience room. Unique is the well thought-out customer journey, through which the visitor is guided via all touch points. With every step you find yourself in a deeper layer of information, culminating in the experience room. A room in which a real-life hearing situation is created by means of a wall and table projection. What does it sound like with hearing loss in a restaurant, at the breakfast table or in the car? Another step in clarifying the problem and letting the partner empathise with it. A world of hearing full of experience.

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