It's all wood


Fairframe, First Impression’s sustainable display casing for digital signage, is completely made of wood – from frame to mounting. This is our first all wood casing solution and we are sharing it with the entire digital signage industry. We are offering this innovation for signage professionals to use for their concepts or for retailers as a ready-to-use solution. Let us inspire you.

and recyclable

Fairframe is made from sustainable Scandinavian wood. With full recyclability and certifications from both FSC and PEFC, Fairframe redefines what it means to be environmentally conscious in digital display solutions. The stylish and versatile display casing is not only ultra-lightweight, but also all-wood and eco-friendly.


Flexible compatibility

Fairframe is designed for seamless integration with our preferred displays from Samsung and LG. In our showroom model, we have used the Samsung OM55. That high brightness display has a higher light output, making it ideal to use outdoors and in windows. The design makes it possible to hide the hardware and offers effective cable management for a clean, uncluttered appearance. Fairframe can be customized upon request to meet specific digital signage needs, perfectly blending functionality with sustainability.

What First Impression offers

You are free to order Fairframe at First Impression as a complete solution or choose to build your own casing. As the initiator of Fairframe, First Impression offers the solution to the entire digital signage and retail industry by make the design available selflessly. Let’s make change happen.

Fairframe. It’s all wood. An initiative by First Impression.

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