Together with our CEO Ron Haans, I was invited by some of our partners to take an inspiration tour to Las Vegas and the InfoComm exhibition. And if you’re traveling all the way there, you must experience it fully.

Nothing new in Vegas?

Our visit began with a trip to InfoComm, the pro AV exhibition in the United States. InfoComm is still an event the AV world looks forward to, but I genuinely wonder for how much longer. ISE in Barcelona now takes the crown in terms of size and innovation. The timing is also better (early February), so all the big brands launch their products during ISE. Despite the lack of groundbreaking new products, it was still worthwhile to catch up with the big brands about developments, especially in the American market. One notable absentee? A strong focus on sustainability—a topic that deserves more attention in our industry, especially in the US.

The allure of LED: Las Vegas Strip as the ultimate canvas

From hotels to casinos, the Strip transitions smoothly from one experience to another. The mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment creates a dynamic atmosphere, with casinos providing a perfect balance between excitement and relaxation. Just as it should be. Under an artificial blue sky that makes it seem like daylight 24 hours a day, you experience pleasant scents and music everywhere. The clever use of these elements ensures a smooth transition from one experience to the next. The digital signage is just as advanced as we are used to, but its quality proves itself in the extreme desert conditions. Despite the intense heat and sun, the screens perform perfectly. And the size of the LED walls is something we can only (still) dream of in the Netherlands.

The Sphere: breathtaking event venue

Las Vegas is undoubtedly the LED capital of the world, and the Sphere takes this to a new level. This gigantic, spherical venue with the world’s largest media canvas exceeded all my expectations. It’s not just the size that is impressive; the Sphere, officially known as the Sphere at the Venetian Resort, sets a new standard for retail media with its innovative design. The bar has been set incredibly high.

Upon entering the event space, you are greeted by breathtaking lights, visuals, and lifelike robots, unlike anything I’ve seen before. The Sphere has a capacity of 18,600 seats. Inside the Sphere, the seats on the steep tribune make everyone feel close to the screen. We were treated to a show that truly stimulated all the senses.

Striking contrast

The show “Postcard from Earth” is a stunning tribute to our planet, enhanced by 16K resolution visuals and a 4D experience with wind and scent. With 167,000 speakers hidden behind the LED walls, the sound is incredibly precise, making you feel part of the spectacle. The show itself emphasizes the beauty of our world and the importance of taking good care of it.

Beyond AV: Wynn, Omnia, and Allegiant Stadium

Resorts like the Wynn offer a balanced mix of relaxation and high-tech shows. The show ‘Awakening’ can be called a spectacle with moving floors and precise choreography. Everything is high-tech with a stage made entirely of dark glass, making all parts look like mirrors. Transparent LED is incorporated into the glass, displaying different content in each scene.

The Omnia nightclub offers an AV experience that is unmatched, with top-notch sound and visuals that set a new standard for entertainment venues. Meanwhile, Allegiant Stadium shows what is possible in sports AV. Samsung’s 4,000 square meters of LED displays and 2,500 screens provide an all-encompassing experience, from functional communication to immersive sports entertainment.

Las Vegas

Sensory overload in the best way

Las Vegas is a sensory overload, but in the best possible way. The mix of entertainment and technology in the city is truly impressive and innovative. While it might be too much for many places in the world, it fits the city perfectly here. It’s a city that has successfully positioned itself as a brand, offering lessons in spectacular experiences and technological integration.

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