There are few trade show booths that really stand out and hold the visitor’s attention. Chances are this is because you as an organization have to consider budgets and constraints. But within these conditions, how can you make a lasting impact on your audience with your trade show booth?

Much is possible within the frameworks set by the exhibition center and your organization. Through a combination of booth design, content, and technology, you can make your booth stand out from the competition. In this blog, I’ll give you several ideas and inspiration on how to give your trade show booth that little bit extra to grab the attention of potential leads. These ideas are mainly aimed at creating brand awareness in a new market.

The importance of luxury

First, it is important that your trade show booth looks accessible. This makes it easier for potential leads to walk up to your booth and strike up a conversation with the booth crew. For example, you can create this accessibility quite simply by setting up welcoming booth crews. Having an appearance where the visitor immediately feels comfortable helps initiate conversation.

Another important aspect is the sense of luxury your booth exudes. A high-end looking booth is often associated with quality, innovation, and professionalism. In addition, a luxury look makes your brand more appealing to consumers, which helps you bring in more potential leads. You add a luxurious look by building a cohesive design where everything is well connected. Smart solutions such as raised floors also add luxury, besides being incredibly convenient to make use of. In fact, you can use a raised floor to eliminate the infrastructure of your technology and catering facilities.

Add experience

Using interactive technologies is also a good way to attract attention. Interactive technology can be designed in many different ways, such as with an “experience it yourself” format. Of course, it’s important to make it obvious that the setup is interactive, otherwise you may run the risk of people walking by it. With an “experience it yourself” your visitor can easily learn more about your company. You can do this through RFID technology, sensors, or VR equipment. This encourages your visitor to learn more about your organization. You can also pair interactive technology with a story from your booth crew, allowing a more enthusiastic and clear conversation to take place. Using interaction is a great way to add experience to your booth. Experience is key: it often sticks well in consumers’ memories, making it a valuable sales tool. Experience and interaction are also good methods for bringing your product/service to life. Visitors get a better idea of your brand and what you stand for when they get to see and experience it for themselves.

Instead of highlighting your product/service at the trade show, you can use the trade show to highlight your brand. For example, you can choose (curved) LED walls that make your branded content highly visible to every visitor. Or use projections to direct potential leads to your booth.

By turning your booth into a true brand experience where everything fits your organization perfectly, you get a true pop-up brand experience. With this, you dazzle the visitor and he will definitely remember your brand.

The role of content

You can use the just-mentioned content to your advantage. After all, an eye-catching booth design is only half of your booth. What you show in terms of content also helps a lot with attracting potential leads. So add a few nice eye-catchers to your booth that will excite visitors for more. Just make sure these eye-catchers match your brand.

Of course, you want to catch the visitor’s attention even from a distance. You can do this by using dynamic content. By showing catchy content and rotating it, you ensure that the visitor always has something new to look at. This is how you keep your visitor’s attention. By using dynamic content, you grab a potential lead’s attention and draw them to your booth, so to speak. At the booth itself, you can give your visitor more information and inspire them on a deeper level.

Hospitality at its best

Besides the fact that your booth should stand out in terms of design and products, there is something else very important: hospitality. Of course you make sure that you Have smooth and sociable crew on hand who bring the word hospitality to life inside and out. But extra hospitality could be created, for example, by adding a small bar/seating area to your booth. A cup of coffee is sure to make your potential lead very happy. This has an added benefit: You have more time to talk to your visitor and engage him.

At the end of a successful exhibition day, it is time to go home. But to hold on to your visitor for a while longer, it’s great if you can convert your booth to hold another booth party. Thus, you are guaranteed a spectacular end to an equally spectacular day. This will keep you top-of-mind with your potential lead.

The most important thing about your trade show booth remains that you stand out from your competition. These tips can help you attract more attention from potential leads. Want to know more about how to stand out at a specific trade show? Or would you like more information about what’s possible within your brand? Please feel free to contact me.