A green office experience for Elho

The question was whether we could upgrade the already green experience with inspiring audiovisual technology. And then also provide the meeting room with modern facilities to once again enable optimal and effective meetings. Of course!

Experience center Office experience

Retail experience on the shop floor

When you are a guest at Elho, you are welcomed by a video wall. Through the kiosk display stand, you can make convenient use of the product finder, mix & match pots and plants, see tips & tricks and find plant inspiration. If you stand at one of the shelves, the shelf displays provide additional Elho inspiration and helpful tips. The central narrowcasting ensures that the custom-made display cabinets generate even more inspiration. Extra special: the cabinets can move!

Office experience

Meetings are made very easy with video conferencing capabilities and wireless presentations. As many as 63 speakers are installed throughout the building. Each zone has its own controller so that each room can be controlled separately. Last but not least, we provided the auditorium with a projector with a short throw lens. As a result, the speaker is never in front of the projector again. A clever solution.