A legendary gym experience at Saints & Stars

A workout in a high-end atmosphere. Custom-made materials, a high level of finishing and an interactive boxing app, because what is more motivating than a unique experience during each workout? First Impression created two next-level gyms for Saints & Stars! We even used audiovisual technology to transform the imposing church into a next-level gym experience, including club allure.

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Nightclub feeling

Club or gym? Eric Kuster’s upscale atmosphere, vibe and upbeat music almost make you uncertain. Match made in heaven!



The digital signage displays and 86″ ultra stretch screens have a portal function to the following rooms. They also offer practical information

Shred into the light

State-of-the-art lighting installation, custom-made logo projection and epic LED experience.


If god was a DJ

This gym is like a club with a dance floor. High-end speakers, deep thumping sub-woofers and a professional Pioneer DJ booth. Standing still is impossible.


Five-star installation

This church offers a next-level gym experience, complete with giant moving heads, 635 metres of LED strips and custom-made gobos for light projection. Many a club would kill for it! Still: what happens behind the scenes is at least as impressive. And also invisible. Because all the technology in this gym is fully integrated, digital and connected. Light, sound and images are all controlled by a central touch control panel. Plus, each room has its own iPad that can be controlled with simple swipes and touches. Our own agency came up with the extremely user-friendly interface for these iPads. ____________________________________________________ Experience this next-level gym experience yourself?

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