A tangible customer journey at Hilti BIM experience center

Hilti is known as the supplier of high-quality products and solutions for the professional construction industry. The BIM methodology can be quite technically complex at times. It should be possible to explain this method to any target group, from construction specialists to architects. How do you solve that? Easy, with a BIM Experience Center.

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The tour

Seven experience zones

The BIM Experience Tour within Hilti Netherlands contains seven experience zones. Through an iPad, giving a tour has never been easier. The iPad contains a custom-made app. When you arrive at one of the zones, select that zone and activate the content on the displays. Click & Play, so easy that you don’t need a manual.


The experience tour app

To correctly explain each topic within the BIM methodology, content was created for each topic. This includes reference cases, demos and animations. This content is incorporated into more than 200 playlists! What makes it extra special: you can easily switch between as many as five languages in the app. Sacré bleu!

ClickShare solution

During the tour, Hilti provides demonstrations of its own equipment. These devices often have a small display. As a result, giving a demonstration to both larger and smaller groups seemed impossible. But thanks to the ClickShare solution, the demonstration can now be shown on a large display. Switching to demonstration mode is extremely easy via the custom app – very convenient!

Atmosphere enhancers

Light & sound

The building is equipped with mood lighting. But not just any mood lighting. The 19 powerful, glowing red, litecraft LED lights represent the beating heart of the experience center. This creates a warm blanket of light and an extra wow effect when you attend the tour. In addition, as many as 40 speakers contribute mood-enhancing background music.


Stimulate every sense with an experience center?

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