Digital travel experience at ANWB

ANWB’s shops bring together travel, nature and being on the road in a complete digital experience. Did we want to make every visit an unforgettable experience? Of course!

Retail Digital signage
Digital signage

In-store digital signage

In the ANWB shops, we implemented state-of-the-art AV technology for a complete digital retail experience. The journey begins at the window display, which turns passers-by into visitors. Once inside, there are several in-store displays, each with its own purpose in terms of providing information. 

Magic Mirror

Lookin’ good

Motion sensors convert advertising screens into mirrors as soon as someone stands in front of them. These displays are used not only to convey information but also to create an engaged experience for visitors.

The interactive travel screen offers inspiration with virtual trips and provides visitors with up-to-date travel information, combined with roadside assistance information – all accessible through a user-friendly touch screen.

Music First

Complete experience

The versatile music zones create an atmosphere that blends seamlessly with the various sections of the shop, giving each space a unique vibe. Whether you are leisurely going through the clothing department or enthusiastically browsing the travel items, the specially selected music contributes to a personalised shopping experience.