ICI Paris XL in-store communications

Generate more stopping power and traffic. That’s what ICI Paris XL wanted for all its shops. A total solution for shop window and in-store communication. Did First Impression have any ideas for this? Absolutely!

Retail Digital signage
350 shops in 3 months

Digital signage roll-out

A total solution of strategy, content, displays and a super-fast roll-out resulted in the winning combination of 350 stores in 3 months.

Relevant at all times

Content creation and content management

In all shops, you’ll find window displays and various in-store displays with highy-impact content. Through smart content management, ICI Paris XL responds to promotions and services by showcasing the right item at the right time. Highly relevant and efficient.

Innovation partners

Our undiminished commitment remains evident as we continually strive to optimise, develop and renew the shopping experience through cutting-edge digital innovations.

Since we started working with First Impression, a breath of fresh air has blown through the ICI PARIS XL shop windows. Digital screens display our promotions in a dynamic and fresh way. By not only working out our ideas, but also collaborating on new concepts, First Impression does more than is expected of them.

ICI Paris XL