Iconic experience center for building materials and tiles: J. Janssens & Zonen

Dream, build and live with J. Janssens & Zonen, supplier of building materials and concrete. Janssens’ ambition to become the largest supplier in the North Kempen region has almost been achieved, partly due to the realisation of a showroom in the company’s brand-new building.

Experience center Audiovisual technology

Customer journey

As a supplier of building materials and concrete, J. Janssens & Zonen takes customers through the story behind the bricks. With the realisation of new premises, the desire also arose for a suitable experience concept to be developed. First Impression’s concept strategists went to work for J. Janssens & Zonen to design the ultimate customer journey.


Audiovisual storytelling

Upon entering the showroom, the customer sees the entire J. Janssens & Zonen story on the wall. There, an interactive timeline is stylishly displayed, from the company’s inception to the present.

Range in view

The extensive range of bricks, roof tiles and wall tiles is fully connected with the corresponding touch screens & inspiration screens. The screens help customers to familiarise themselves, be inspired and gain knowledge. The LED light next to the selected brick or roof tile lights up as soon as the customer selects a type of brick or roof tile.


Interior design & experiential tech crossover

J. Janssens & Zonen wants to leave an unforgettable impression by setting up a showroom where customers can optimally navigate and be inspired, informed and activated. In a collaboration with interior designer Leen Meyvis, First Impression realised the ultimate crossover between interior design and experiential technology.


Stimulate every sense with an experience center?

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