Interactive shopping at SoLow

At SoLow, it’s all about the ultimate shopping experience with many surprises and above all fun! To contribute to this experience, we created the SoLow photo booth. The photo booth provides playful interaction with the user and an interactive way to experience products, as well as encouraging party product sales.

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Attract attention

SoLow photo booth

The photo booth consists of a touch display, camera and green screen. On either side of the photo booth are various costume items. The customer selects their favourite items and returns to the booth. The user chooses the nicest background and stands in the place indicated. 3… 2… 1… Click!


Online visibility

After the photo is taken, there is the option to share the photo. A matching hashtag and a ‘share the photo with your friends’ call to action activate the user to scan the QR code. The user scans the QR code* and instantly receives the photo on their device, and can easily save it. Ready to share! *Privacy First. This means that no user data needs to be stored because the user downloads the photo on their own device.

Putting the fun into functional

Young, old or in between? Our Creative Agency’s UX/UI designers ensured the most optimal user experience. The design and animations attract attention and make navigating the booth easy. Anyone can use it!