LED brilliance for Breitling on Madison Avenue, NY

Breitling, a globally renowned watch brand, partnered with us to create an eye-catching digital signage solution. Together we revived a non-functioning LED wall by replacing it with new LED technology. This resulted in an impressive visual experience at Madison Ave in New York City.



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LED excellence

Inside are two 5-meter-long LED walls, facing outward and seamlessly brought together at an angle. Around the corner, inside the store, the strategically placed LED gives the impression of a continuous wall. Passersby experience the infinite impact right from the street!


Sustainable approach
to LED wall design

We took an environmentally friendly approach into account. This included repurposing materials such as frame parts from the previous LED wall and carefully separating waste to minimize the environmental impact. This fits seamlessly with our vision to not only create innovative and eye-catching digital signage solutions but also take responsibility for our ecological footprint and integrate sustainability into all our projects. By meticulously planning our operations during off-hours, we minimized disruption to the store and its customers.

Remote control:
high-efficiency LED Management

Additionally, the LED walls are managed and updated remotely from our headquarters in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The smart system design allows us to monitor the hardware and content output to the LED Walls. We manage the LED wall system’s health and content in real-time, ensuring continuous operation without the need for physical presence, thus further reducing our carbon footprint.


Creating an LED experience together?

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