Ter Laak Orchids Inspiration Center

Ter Laak Orchids was looking for an interactive experience to tell the story behind the orchids and Ter Laak’s philosophy. We created a total experience centred on the flower and all the supplies needed to grow it. The high-tech AV solutions, from projection mapping to RFID techniques and other interactive elements, tell visitors all about the numerous orchid varieties.

Experience center Audiovisual technology Digital signage
It’s all about experience

RFID tour operator

To begin the tour, the visitor removes a flower pot with an RFID tag from the tray. That action initiates a warm welcome message on the displays. The flower pot serves as the tour operator and is placed on a tray at each station of the tour to activate the set-up. In this way, customers immediately have the product in their hands.

Place & Learn

Interactive learning

By combining the displays with RFID technology, Ter Laak offers visitors an interactive opportunity to learn more about the various orchids. Visitors choose a flower from the rack, place the flower on one of the trays and receive relevant information about the orchid.

Sustainability scale model

Sustainability is woven into Ter Laak’s DNA. Sustainable solutions for water consumption, energy and CO2 are displayed via an interactive sustainability scale model. A projector and display hang near the model, with synchronous animations supporting the story.

plug and play

The Theatre

At the heart of the inspiration centre is the auditorium. Through the central control panel, the screen can be raised or lowered, the sound adjusted and the curtains closed.


Stimulate every sense with an experience center?

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