Textaafoam experience centre: feel, see and experience fabrics

Textaafoam is a leading industrial wholesaler of upholstery fabrics in Europe. To support the creative selection process of furniture producers, First Impression has developed an ultra-smart selection tool with audiovisual technology for the experience centre. In this way, visitors can experience and compare more than 10,000 fabrics.

Experience center Audiovisual technology Office experience
The power of RFID

Ultra-smart selection tool

An interactive table with 500(!) RFID tags incorporated into the fabrics. Place a fabric sample on the table and the specifications appear immediately on the display. Put several fabrics side by side and they are compared to each other.

Everyone informed

Always up to date with digital signage

Using digital signage, Textaafoam employees are kept up to date on the weather, news and important internal information. Smart templates allow them to easily format and post content themselves.

Meetings made easy

Meetings in all conference rooms are now future proof. The rooms are equipped with wireless presentation and video conferencing capabilities. There is also a digital flip chart, a must-have for any modern conference room.

Audio zones

Sound solution

Some 60 high-end speakers are divided over 12 zones. A user-friendly control panel allows individual control of each zone. That sounds great!