Van Mossel’s futuristic office experience

Mobility company Van Mossel Automotive Group began plans for new headquarters in Waalwijk in 2021. From its brand-new headquarters in Waalwijk, Van Mossel is taking the step to conquer the rest of Europe in addition to being the largest automotive company in the Benelux. The allure of the building fits that ambition perfectly. The audiovisual technology used by First Impression blends seamlessly with the interior. Literally seamlessly, because the technology is not visible, but cleverly concealed.

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Museum experience

Innovation and history hand in hand

The desire was for a multifunctional headquarters with showroom, gigantic workshop and enough space to tell the Van Mossel story. The history of Van Mossel can be seen in the museum that has been given a prominent place in the new building. The history wall in this museum has both physical and digital elements distributed very playfully across the wall. The eye-catcher is the 98″ LED wall. This wall can be controlled via a touch table from which the visitor can survey the entire wall.

Showroom with subtle AV technology

Seamless integration

First Impression was given a very important assignment: the technology must absolutely not be visible. In the showroom, for example, some 65 speakers are completely concealed in the interior. The same goes for the displays. Displays with digital communication are neatly incorporated throughout the building, such as at the coffee corners, brasserie and staff restaurant. The displays are recessed into the walls, so no edges are visible and only the content on the displays stands out.

The hospitality experience

From menu to music. Hospitality is an important part at the headquarters. In addition to a brasserie, a private dining corner has also been created. There, too, the subtly integrated audiovisual support is a key component. The staff catering area features menu boards on impressive stretched displays. A DJ booth was installed in the brasserie and the concealed speakers have all the power to create a real club atmosphere when the moment calls for it.

Work and play

The high-tech gym at the Van Mossel headquarters

Van Mossel’s headquarters even features a gym for staff. The gym has a large display and features audio from the same hidden speakers, which can be powered up to help gym-goers get the most out of themselves.


Innovation in presentation. The headquarters has a large and a small auditorium where meetings and training sessions are held. The auditoriums are equipped with an LED wall, microphone, lighting and blinds. Everything can be controlled via a touch panel. The large auditorium has a real cinema effect, partly because of the audio that is excellent in every spot, right down to the last row of seats.