130 window displays digitalized for Schoonenberg hearing support shops

Stopping power, increased store traffic and the right message at the right time. In less than four weeks, all 130 Schoonenberg hearing support shops in the Netherlands were equipped with a digital window display. Quite an eye-catcher on the shopping street!

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Meeting the tight deadline was a must: everything up and running before the launch of the Schoonenberg rebranding campaign. Check, check, check, complete! With a dashboard at headquarters, the project team also stayed on track on the client side. We tracked in real time whether we were on schedule. The result? A huge smile on the Schoonenberg team’s faces.


Especially for the shop window

The high-brightness displays live up to their name: the content is perfectly visible at any time of day. Extra brightness as the sun shines on the shop window, a notch back as night falls so as not to look out of place.


Right-time content

By tailoring content in real time to the time, moment, location, collection, campaign, busy periods and opening hours, for example, the message is optimally relevant. This helps display exactly the content that is relevant at a particular time and place. So after closing time it does not say: ‘Come in’, but rather ‘Order your batteries online’

Stopping power

Digital window displays optimally combine stopping power and communication capabilities. This clever poster has it all.


Content control

The smart content management system forms the basis. Digitally labelling media players and tagging content provides optimal control over content and endless possibilities.


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