Feadship Shipyard opening

Feadship’s brand-new shipyard, shining star in the bustling heart of Amsterdam’s harbour. We took charge of the overall creative stage setting that guaranteed an unforgettable opening. In doing so, we allowed a harmony to emerge between light, sound and decoration, creating an impressive experience.

Audiovisual technology Corporate events

Next level stage setting with AV technology

Picture this – a stunning integration of sound, images and content, from the moment the first guests set foot on shore. Our state-of-the-art AV technology transformed the harbour into a breathtaking theatre, bringing every sensory experience to life.


Spotlight on the yacht

At the centre of the spotlight was the iconic Feadship yacht. Our projection techniques enveloped the yacht in an impressive light show. A visual feast that explored the seas of creativity.

Total experience down to the details

From decorating the venue to floating LED cubes and lighting both backstage and in the audience areas – we arranged the total picture. Our goal? To create an environment that immersed not only the yacht but the entire harbour in an almost magical experience.


Perfect synchronisation with a time code show

Behind the scenes, we directed a sophisticated time code show. This created a perfect match between light, images and sound, resulting in a flawless choreography of light and sound that plumbed the depths at just the right moment.