House of Rituals, the perfect balance between technology & wellness

House of Rituals, the Rituals flagship store, is a sanctuary where your body and mind can relax and your soul finds fulfilment. The brand experience comes to life thanks to First Impression’s audiovisual concepts. From concept to content: as Rituals’ logistics, tech and brand partner, First Impression has really thought of everything.

Retail Digital signage flagship store

Experience and flagship store in one

The first floor is an exciting experience where visitors immediately feel, smell, hear and see the familiar Rituals brand. First Impression facilitated signage on a huge LED screen behind the cash register, stretch-shelf displays, the Holi photo booth (especially for teens) and the Jing LED floor display, the contents of which change when you walk on it.


LED floor display

The LED floor display tracks every movement of the person walking on it. The effect is almost magical.

Talisman luxury perfume bar

The Rituals UX team worked with First Impression on this clever solution. Customers choose their Rituals perfume based on their favourite scents. Once the customer has entered their preferences, the LED lights under the fragrances of their choice light up. After trying them, they choose which perfume from the Talisman collection they will take home.


Umbrella collection

The epitome of fun in an experience! Once the customer picks up the umbrella and stands in front of the display, the rain exactly follows the movement of the customer and trickles nicely off the umbrella in the reflection on the display.


The Ritual of Holi

Holi is Rituals’ colorful teen line. The exuberant features really come into their own in House of Rituals. Our shelf displays add an extra touch to the overall look.

Mind & Body Spa

First Impression co-developed Breathing Bubbles at the Mind Spa. In these relaxing chairs, you focus on your mind and breathing. Customers are given breathing exercises through the screens.

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