Orpic immersive exhibition stand

What to do if you are not happy with the spot you have been assigned for your stand at the all-important trade fair for your sector? Exactly. You can compensate with a next-level exhibition stand. Orpic surprised everyone at K2019, the international plastics and rubber trade fair. Rethinking, we love it.

Audiovisual technology Exhibition stands

With some 3,000 leading exhibitors, K is the perfect place to do business and make contacts. So it is important to be there and show your worth. Location is key at such a fair. But there are only a handful of prime spots. If you’re not one of the lucky few, you have to adapt your approach.


Image tunnel as eye-catcher

A huge image tunnel made the stand impossible to miss. And once in view, passers by were sucked in by dynamic shapes and movements. And then the party could really begin.


To experience is to understand

With a high-profile and visual mix of AV techniques, visitors were immersed in the world of plastics. Orpic delivers a semi-finished product; the plastic pellet itself is not necessarily of interest to the visitor, but more what you can do with it. So we show that in experiential ways. Show, don’t tell.

Image tunnel

Two image tunnels of 95(!) displays at either end made the stand impossible to miss and immediately put visitors in the right mood.


Video wall

On a life-sized video wall, visitors were infotained with Orpic product applications.


Interactive journey

Interactive touchscreens allowed visitors to retrieve sector-specific information and inspiration. Easy, fast and customised instead of ‘one size fits all’. A handy lead module and supplement to the sales agents. Perfect during busy periods.