State-of-the-art exhibition solution for Komatsu

For Komatsu, the international manufacturer of construction machinery, we created a state-of-the-art exhibition solution. This solution was presented at the 33rd edition of Bauma, the world’s largest construction machinery trade fair in Munich.

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Innovation & infotainment

In addition to showcasing existing machines, Komatsu also wanted to display its latest machines. However, these were not in production yet. It was up to us to devise a way in which the latest construction machinery could still be presented at Bauma. The method of presentation is consistent with the organization’s proposition: Creating value through technological innovation where people, businesses, and our planet flourish together. That’s why this bilingual solution is all about innovation & infotainment.

LED & transparent touch displays

Interactive interplay

For Komatsu, we went big on audiovisual technology. The latest construction equipment is displayed on three large, curved LED walls and one straight LED wall. In front of each LED wall, we placed a transparent touch display. Visitors navigate through the information using the transparent touch display. Consider information such as engine capacity, excavator bucket capacity, and maintenance. Presenting information in this way emphasizes the degree of innovation. In addition, it is an interactive solution in which information and entertainment come together. This increases trade fair traffic and keeps visitors at the stand for longer.

Discover Komatsu’s service offering with the Place & Learn solution

In addition to heavy equipment, Komatsu also offers other services. These include funding, training, reporting and monitoring. Information on these topics is shown on a display after the content is activated by lifting a 3D-printed icon combined with RFID technology.

3D display of the latest models

To showcase the latest models at Bauma, First Impression’s in-house Creative Agency used 3D models. These models allow you to zoom in on the machines at a detailed level. Parts such as the engine are also highlighted and a 360° view of each machine can also be seen.

The information on the transparent touch display is designed so that any visitor can easily use it. First Impression’s UX designers created a pleasant user experience for this.

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