Tony’s Chocolonely brand store experience with a mission

First Impression audiovisual came up with the perfect plan to capture customers’ attention and activate them in this Experience store. First Impression and Tony’s Chocolonely collaborated on concept, technology and design.

Digital content Audiovisual technology Retail flagship store

With 63 million visitors a year, Schiphol Airport is one of the best retail locations in the Netherlands. A brand store in the middle of this shopping paradise is also a huge opportunity for Tony’s Chocolonely to convey its mission in a very eye-catching way: a world with 100% slavery-free chocolate.


Spot-on retail location Schiphol Airport

International allure 70 million travellers a year

Crazy about LED, serious about storytelling


Crazy about LED

The eye-catcher is an eight-meter-long LED wall in the shape of a Tony’s Chocolonely bar. The content on this wall cannot be ignored. Tony’s mission is loud and clear. Ready for impact!

Serious about storytelling

The synchronized animations on all displays outside and inside the store capture the attention of all passing travelers. The purpose of the animations is to inspire, inform, and activate shoppers.


Unforgettable experience

In this perfectly designed store, visitors connect with Tony’s Chocolonely story and mission through the content on the various displays. An unforgettable shopping experience. Buying chocolate has never been more impactful.


Serious impact

Visitors to Tony’s brand store can actively support Tony’s mission by scanning a QR code, which automatically sends them a petition on their mobile phone. The petition supports Tony’s demand that companies in all sectors be held legally accountable for ensuring human rights in their supply chains.

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