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Creating a digital signage experience for automotive retail

With the continuous evolution of the automotive industry, tech-driven solutions have become increasingly crucial in providing your customers with a unique and seamless brand experience. Digital solutions are a must-have for dealerships. In-store technology can help you achieve your sales goals by integrating cutting-edge tools such as interactive displays, touchscreens, and LED into the car buying process. By leveraging these tools, you attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal.













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'The car dealership of the future'

In our automotive e-book, you can find the latest trends and innovations that can help you turn your customers into your brand ambassadors. Enticing and interacting with your customer is becoming an essential element for your brand. Combining phygital and digital can help you with this. The future is phygital, and seamless tech integration is becoming more and more important.

In this e-book, you will find:

  • Inspiration for your showroom
  • Examples of state-of-the-art digital technologies
  • How to integrate online configuration into the actual visit to the showroom













The Ultimate Experience

Digital Solutions

Consumer behavior is changing, making digital solutions essential for dealerships to communicate, inform and persuade customers. It will help you to establish an emotional connection with your customer and make the ultimate brand experience a reality.

Having a digital signage solution and phygital experience will not only turn your customer into a brand ambassador but also creates a seamless journey by combining online and offline channels.














Automotive Solutions

  • Touch Solution

    In the interactive car studio – the car configurator – the customer assembles his own ideal vehicle. It is a cross-media interplay between different displays, physical materials, and smart RFID place & learn technology in miniature car models.

    For example, the customer swipes through all kinds of interior combinations, with the real materials at hand. The customer sees and feels the future car and gives it a personal touch. By ‘driving’ the miniature car model over the touch-table display, the customer has a playful way of taking in all the information.

    The digital world touches the physical and makes buying a car an (inter)active experience.

  • Lift & Learn

    Buying a new car is not a day-to-day decision. Because buying a car is a specialistic process, a Lift & Learn solution will deliver an interactive and enjoyable way for your customers to discover everything they need to know, from additional options to maintenance and from financial services to insurance.

  • Digital Signage

    When it comes to the physical car models and assortment, not all options are presented in the showroom. Logical, because in most cases it simply does not fit in the showroom. With digital signage, the customer can see all occasions while enjoying a cup of coffee.

    When the customer chooses which car they want to view, all high-resolution photos of the car, exterior and interior appear on the giant display on the wall behind the touch display.

  • Videowall

    In the space where customers have to wait a little longer for their car to be ready, we can ease the wait. Right-time, right-place communication via various displays. With a subtle mix of content; think of news and weather reports or messages from the dealer itself such as ‘think of the tire change’.


From A to V and beyond

What we're happy to do for you

Strategy & Concepting

Physical and digital become one retail experience. Our strategic and conceptual thinkers help you with the creative transition of an idea to message, experience, design, and technology. They are your advisor, sounding board, idea generator, challenger, storyteller, and experience expert.


Engineering & Installation

Our engineers advise you on the audiovisual possibilities and technological applications that suit your needs. They calculate, program, and test to achieve the ideal integration of hardware, software, IT, and interior. A team of specialists then takes care of the installation with military precision.


Content creation

Our creative studio creates visual & interactive content. With a team of digital designers, animators, copywriters and developers, we have everything you need to make your ideas digital.


(Inter)national roll-out

First Impression excels in the large-scale roll-out of audiovisual store concepts and the associated fixed installations. Super fast, smart, solid, and precise.

What to expect

Full service approach

As specialists in phygital brand experiences, we are involved in brainstorming, strategy, and also the selection of the best hardware and software. We work with reliable A-brand suppliers to meet sustainability goals and maximum uptime.

In the past decade, we’ve refined the art of digital signage communication by investing in our own in-house Creative Agency. This team consists of digital designers3D & motion designers, UX/UI specialists, and content managers right at hand. They know what to do to get the message delivered, a goal reached, or an experience achieved.

As an extension of your marketing team, we create digital content that fits your guidelines, makes an impact, and matches technology.















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In this blog, you will discover fresh insights into the role of the car showroom. The car dealership of the future contains a complete brand and product experience in which information, inspiration, and activation are integrated.


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Explore everything you need to know to make your showroom future ready.


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