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A deep dive into automotive retail and a fresh look at the current role of the showroom brought us one step closer to the future. Where information, inspiration and activation are integrated into a total experience encompassing brand and product. With multi-functional solutions for existing and aspiring Volvo drivers. From used, lease and purchase cars to service and maintenance. The first steps toward an omni-channel customer experience have been taken!

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Warm welcome

Upon entering, every type of driver is immediately immersed in the Volvo brand. The first pit stop is the reception desk. By adding a digital signage display to the reception desk, dealers have the opportunity to offer a warm and personalised welcome. Add a personal message and your customer is guaranteed a wow moment.

Immersive brand experience

The ultimate Volvo experience starts in the brand lounge. On an impact-size video wall, customers are immersed in the world of Volvo. With the latest releases and Volvo brand videos at exactly the right time. Coincidence?


In the interactive car studio – the car configurator – customers put together their own, ideal Volvo. It is a cross-media interplay between various displays, physical materials and smart RFID place & learn technology in the miniature Volvo models. The customer swipes through all kinds of interior combinations, with the real materials at hand. Seeing and feeling their future car provides a personal touch. ‘Driving’ the miniature Volvo model across the touch-table display is a playful way for the customer to take in all the information. The digital world touches the physical world and makes choosing a car an active, involved experience.

Used cars

Volvo Selekt

Volvo Selekt is high-tech experience where customers can learn about the different used cars. The beautifully designed touch display provides a database of all available Volvo models. When it comes to physical used models, not all options are on display in the car showroom. Logical, because in most cases they simply do not fit in the showroom. In this way, you can show all the used cars while enjoying a cup of coffee.


Once the customer chooses the car they would like to view, all the high-resolution photos of the car, exterior and interior appear on the giant display on the wall behind the touch display.

Waiting lines management

In the space where customers have to wait a little longer for the car to be ready, we try to ease the wait. Right-time, right-place communication through diverse displays. We provide a subtle mix of reading material; news and weather reports or messages from the dealership itself, such as “Think about changing your tires”.

Service bar

Choosing a new car is one thing. Services, such as financial services, maintenance contracts, and the like, are also part of the process. Together with Samsung, we developed a unique system in which customers lift and move service icons with RFID chips on a tray. Once they put down a piece, their chosen scenario is immediately displayed in real life on a life-size display. Omni-channel is the magic word. Interaction does the rest. Sales teams get the opportunity to really help their customers, close deals, and provide additional services.

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