What we do:

Interactive playground

Hold, compare and try out more than 1,000 products. It is all possible in one of the 3 Coolblue XXL stores. The purpose of the physical store? Connecting online and offline. First Impression helped Coolblue with the audiovisual translation and digital in-store experience.

Facts & figures

1000+ items
Compare & try out
3 stores
XXL concept
High-tech AV
experience & convenience

In-store tech

You can physically compare the products in an interactive way.
Narrowcasting, double sided & touch displays, sound system.
Full control
From the showroom TVs, audio & soundbar test rooms and headphones.
Navigate to the different product worlds from every corner of the store.
Thin, thinner, thinnest
We make use of the thinnest displays for signage. Double sided LG OLED screens, just 9 (!) mm thick. Um... That's thin.
Interactive multi-room audio area
The customer decides which speaker plays which type of music, all from one touch display.

Pats on the back

“Smart solutions to help the customer as well as possible. We love that!”

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