Our House

World’s first electronic dance music experience 

Our House Amsterdam

Our House is a great audiovisual spectacle. As it is presented internationally: world’s first electronic music experience. The spaces are used for various purposes: a museum, a museum shop and a club. First Impression worked together with Our House on the complete experience within these three components. From interactive experience in the entire museum to the audiovisual experience on the dance floor. 

Overwhelming experience 

Enter Our House

The visitor is immediately immersed in a visually overwhelming entrance with LED welcome displays, floor and wall projections. In the entrance we see the wall projection with ’24 hour party people’ showing clubbers from all over the world and from different time periods.  




















History Masterclass

In a separate room near the main dancefloor, we find a Samsung 2.5mm LED wall. Seamlessly integrated into the centre of the wall is an 85-inch Samsung display that appears to float in portrait orientation. This is the History Masterclass where some of the biggest DJ’s tell about the history of dance music.

Flyer turntable

A large Displax touch table invites visitors to scroll through decades to see rave flyers from the period. Dragging a flyer onto a central “turntable” will play music from the event. Two displays form the touch table but the interactive surface had to be seamless, so First Impression installed a single IR overlay over both units.  


















Another exhibit looks at dance music around the world with a Pufferfish interactive globe central to the installation. Other visuals in the same area are delivered with Epson projection on the one of the walls, and a five-by-one display wall comprised of portrait mounted Samsung displays. 


















Dance music quiz

Interactivity continues with a dance music quiz served through headphones and three Samsung displays paired with Aopen players.




















Visitors to Our House are also encouraged to explore approaches to making electronic music and a small variant of the Redbull sequencer allows visitors to compose their own tracks they can listen to through headphones.


For those more into listening, a crate-digging experience offers that chance to look through boxes of ‘records’. Vinyl covers are recreated on plastic squares the same format as a record and, using RFID, if the record is placed in a slot, it plays out through JBL headphones, while information on the track is provided.  




















If visitors have a taste for music creation, they can go through a DJ tutorial. Four set ups are available where instruction is provided via a Samsung screen to play and mix tracks.

Culture ride

In the final show, called The Culture Ride, Our House creators throw an overwhelming experience at the visitor. A full sound and light show features classic dance music tracks spanning nearly 50 years and multiple genres. LED surrounding the edges of the walls is synchronised with projection on four surfaces, lasers and lighting. It’s here the visitors also experience the surprise of the vibrating and ‘falling’ dance floor for the first time.  




















After the interactive experience in the Our House museum, the visitor moves on to Europe's largest concept store dedicated to dance culture. We completed the shop with a gigantic LED wall that attracts attention.

Dual environment

The uniqueness of this project lies in the dual environment: at daytime there is the museum and afterwards it is quickly converted into the Amsterdam nightclub Club Air. This is possible because all museum pieces and parts can be disconnected in no time and can be stored in small, hidden spaces.

seeing is believing

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