Not your average gym


SWITCH to the new workout

Can you imagine that you can achieve your #fitgoals through data, technology and personal assistance? We can! Because that is exactly what we accomplished together with SWITCH The Gym.

Facts & figures

3 and counting
100 meters
LED lighting

AV-tricks we used

A little help
To assistance the fitness instructors we have placed instruction screens. This way they can do what they do best: activate, motivate and coach. With the help of SWITCH we put together the high-intensity training sessions for that day and are then scheduled in a content management system.
Real-time heart rate monitor
Because of a super smart link between the sign up screen and heart rate registration tool, all you have to do is grab the heart rate monitor and you can start your SWITCH workout. Your heart rate will then be shown real-time on two streeeetch screens. Awesome!
Added experience
We added an impeccable audio system with speech intelligibility so you can actually hear the instructor through the music. And then we added some impressive LED-strip lighting, controllable to the beat of the music.
Finishing touch
To top it off, the reception area has a narrowcasting display. Where you can find, besides information about the club, information about a healthy lifestyle and the diet that goes with it.

What they say

The combination of data, tech and coaching makes the fitness experience!

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