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from showroom to automotive experience

A fresh look at the future role of the showroom within automotive retail, where informing, inspiring and activating are brought together in a total experience. With this assignment in mind, we implemented multifunctional solutions that surprise existing and new Volvo drivers. The first steps towards an omnichannel customer experience at Volvo have been taken!















Warm welcome

Upon entering, every type of driver is immediately immersed in the Volvo brand. The first pit stop is the reception desk. By adding a digital signage display to the reception desk, you as a dealer have the opportunity to show a warm and personal welcome. Add a personal message and your customer is guaranteed to have a WOW moment.














Automotive retail of the future

User experience
Adaptieve content
Discover & play
Immersive brand experience.

The ultimate Volvo experience starts in the brand lounge. On an impact-size video wall, the customer is immersed in the world of Volvo. With the latest releases & Volvo fire videos at exactly the right time.

Configure your car.


In the interactive car studio – the car configurator – the customer puts together his own ideal Volvo. It is a cross-media interplay between different displays , physical materials and smart RFID place & learn technology in the miniature Volvo models.

For example, the customer swipes through all kinds of interior combinations, with the real materials at hand. The customer sees and feels the future car and gives it a personal touch. By ‘driving’ the miniature Volvo model over the touch-table display, the customer has a playful way of taking in all the information.

The digital world touches the physical and makes choosing a car an (inter)active experience.


Volvo Selekt

Volvo Selekt is a high-tech experience where customers can get acquainted with the various used cars. The attractively designed touch display offers a database of all available pre-owned Volvo models.

When it comes to physical used models, not all options are shown in the car showroom. Logical, because in most cases it simply does not fit in the showroom. This way, the customer can see all occasions while enjoying a cup of coffee.

When the customer chooses which car they want to view, all high-resolution photos of the car, exterior and interior appear on the giant display on the wall behind the touch display.


In the space where customers have to wait a little longer for their car to be ready, we ease the wait. Right-time, right-place communication via various displays. With a subtle mix of content; think of news and weather reports or messages from the dealer itself such as 'think of the tire change'.

Service bar

Choosing a new car is one thing. Services such as financing and maintenance contracts are also part of the total experience. Together with Samsung, we have developed a unique system in which customers lift service icons with RFID chips and move them on a platform. As soon as they place a piece, their chosen scenario is immediately shown in real life on a life-size display.

Omnichannel is the magic word. Interaction does the rest. Sales teams get the chance to really help their customers, close deals and provide additional services.

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