Trend 1: AI generated content

Here’s a picture of a mountain climber. But not all that you see in this picture was actually there in real life. Artificial intelligence completed this picture. Can you tell which part is added afterwards? (Click on the picture for the answer).

I’ve kind of tricked you there a bit, but either way, it is hard to tell which part of visual content is AI generated. So, can we say AI generated content is a risk or a blessing? At the creative agency of First Impression, we definitely use AI for our and our client’s benefit.

Let me give you an example of how AI generated content works for us. For food retailer Jumbo, we create the most appealing content for their digital signage as possible. Their digital signage helps their customers make the right choices when it comes to purchasing delicious meals and fresh products. Sometimes, the available footage needs a little more of that deliciousness. AI technology can turn this footage into exactly the right content. Look at this example:

The picture on the right was the original content. AI technology is fully aware of the content available and gives it just that extra that we need to make it perfect. It saves us literally an hour of work.

New technologies can seem kind of overwhelming or even threatening at first. But I think we have to embrace these new technologies and see them as opportunities. We should see AI as a tool for us designers, just like Photoshop, a pencil or your keyboard is. It gives us the opportunity to realize ideas even faster.

Trend 2: 3D Motion

In digital signage, 3D motion content revolutionizes information and ads. Unlike static displays, it captivates with depth and interactivity, boosting engagement and message retention. Advertisers benefit from a more compelling narrative, presenting products and data in an immersive and clear way. This tech-driven approach promises a dynamic future for advertising and information sharing.

At First Impression we have a team of motion designers who continuously develop themselves in the field of the latest trends in 3D motion design. Would you like to come and talk about the possibilities? Please contact us and come take a look at our in-house creative agency.

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Trend 3: The Next Generation

During a tour I made to various universities that offer creative studies, I asked students what they found important in visual content. A few important pillars emerged:

  • Inclusion & equality: it becomes more important to show diversity in your content, so your entire target group feels addressed. A successful businessman does not always have to be white or even male. The person that cleans your house or office does not have to be a woman. And adding a pride flag on your digital signage does not make you inclusive in an instant. You need much more to accomplish that.
  • New platforms & places: Pay attention to where your target group is active. Online as well as offline. For instance, Facebook is dominated by boomers. Target groups are increasingly present across more and more (new) platforms.
  • Personal vs. private: People are hesitant to give you their personal information. You have to be transparent about how you are using their information. And next to that you must present an unlevelled experience so they are more than willing to share their personal information with you, so you can give them a true hyper-personalized experience.

Think Content First

Even at First Impression we tend to put hardware first. But our creative professionals at our creative agency keep reminding us about their mantra: Content First. We believe in putting the client’s challenge first and think from a concept instead of the implementation of hardware. That’s what makes the best experience come to life.