Essent is provider of gas, electricity and energy services to consumers and businesses in The Netherlands and Belgium. Essent is part of the international energy company E.ON. The first 18 ‘Essent stores’ were set up in March and April across MediaMarkt locations throughout the Netherlands. An additional 29 locations will be added in the coming months. The shop-in-shops focus on energy-efficient products for home sustainability, aiming to help Essent and MediaMarkt consumers live more energy-efficiently.

Interactive Touchpoints

The shop-in-shop guides customers through various digital touchpoints along a customer journey that provides insights into changes they can implement to make their homes more sustainable. Consumers are navigated through four touchpoints designed to increase brand awareness, inform, activate, and advise. The first three touchpoints are digital. At the last touchpoint, a personal element is added in the form of an Essent consultant who uses a digital display to provide further depth and personalized energy advice.

Efficient Collaboration

For implementation, First Impression and ITAB combined their strengths to create the most effective shopping experience. Essent is recognizable in every detail of the shop-in-shop, which also fits well within the interior of the electronics store. Within 15m2, consumers explore every aspect of sustainability in an impactful way. They are introduced to various solutions through 3D models, gamification, interaction with digital screens, and an inspiration column where materials, such as insulation, are being displayed.

First Impression was responsible for the design and installation of the digital aspects within the touchpoints. The content on the displays was created by First Impression’s in-house Creative Agency. The solution design team at ITAB developed the floor plan, furniture, and digital and 3D interactions in co-creation with Essent and Studio-EMM. For installation, the shop-in-shops are pre-assembled at the ITAB workshop and quickly set up on-site.

Smart Deployment

The AV components are installed using the Smart Deployment app. By following a few simple steps, the installer knows exactly how to perform the installation. After a brief phone call with First Impression’s IT department, the shop-in-shop is operational.

The goal is to equip 47 of the 55 MediaMarkt locations in the Netherlands with a shop-in-shop before the summer vacation. The rollout began in March and 18 stores are already equipped.

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