Energy advice in MediaMarkt: Essent’s shop-in-shop experience

Together with ITAB and Studio-EMM, we created a retail concept for Essent that combines a digital shopping experience with a personal approach in 47 of the 55 MediaMarkt stores in the Netherlands. The informative, inspiring, and activating elements are integrated into an ultimate brand experience around Essent. The shop-in-shop encourages customers to take the next step in the energy transition. The informative customer journey guides both existing and potential customers through powerful digital signage and AV technology, boosted by recognizable and impactful content. Positioning the shop-in-shops at MediaMarkt is logical, as it builds on existing sustainability initiatives under the ‘BetterWay’ label.

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A consistent customer journey: from brand to activation

The shop-in-shop follows a clear customer journey along four touchpoints. The first touchpoint has a high attention value and stopping power with a digital signage display on the outside that shows commercials from mass media channels that are familiar to consumers. The inside has a portrait digital signage display with product-specific content. First Impression’s Creative Agency ensured a consistent brand experience by designing both digital content and the physical design of the shop-in-shop.


The inspiration touchpoint

The second touchpoint offers the consumer inspiration. With the knowledge of the first touchpoint or a latent need to make the home more sustainable, the consumer discovers what energy-saving options are available. The visitor uses the touch table to enter their zip code and answer several questions. Now that consumers aware of the different options, it is time for more information in the next touchpoint.

The interactive touchpoint

The third touchpoint is an interactive solution with AirGesture sensor technology. The icons on the furniture show the various energy-saving options. AirGesture detects when a hand is placed over the magenta dot or touches the surface. When detected, the informative content on the stretched display is activated. Customers are now better informed about Essent’s product range, from solar panels to charging stations for electric cars. Further depth with personal energy advice.


Further in-depth knowledge with personal energy advice

After collecting information and confirming the right choice, the consumer talks to the Essent consultant. Wishes are discussed here, and unexpected options can be discovered. It is a moment of deepening, during which the consumer and the consultant explore the path to a future-proof solution together. Of course, with a matching display to view all the information in one overview.

Efficient installation thanks to Smart Deployment

Together with ITAB, we prepare the shop-in-shops smartly and cost-efficiently, so that the set-up time in the MediaMarkt is minimal. The AV parts are installed using the Smart Deployment app. The technician knows exactly how to carry out the installation by following a few simple steps through the app. The shop-in-shop is operational after a short phone call with our IT department.


Creating an impressive shop-in-shop together?

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