It’s all about experience… & attention

Research shows that moving images attract attention from as far as 9 meters away, while static images do so from 4 or 5 meters. Imagine how eye-catching your content can be with a 3D effect. Additionally, 3D allows us to visualize any content with full control. Where 2D relies on existing visuals and photos, 3D software lets us visualize any object or product from any perspective and to any specification.
I’ve listed the three most important trends in digital 3D content for you: 3D animation, 3D visualization, and 3D digital signage for retail.

3D animation: adding depth to brand experiences

By applying 3D effects to our content, we’ve literally added more perspective to our content, both for retail and brand experiences. By complementing 2D motion graphics with 3D animations, we create a path to personalized content and can make more realistic visuals that better capture the attention of our target audiences. Our work for LG, Jumbo, and Basic-Fit shows that 3D animated content is extremely powerful for both retail and brand experiences. 3D is quickly gaining ground in digital signage for retail. Our collaboration with Jumbo led to two successful in-store campaigns during Christmas, attracting positive attention and generating multiple requests from other brands.

3D visualization: the perfect product presentation

During the concept development and design process, 3D visualizations have proven to be a resounding success. The power of beautiful and effective (3D) visualizations has helped our clients understand our mindset. It allows them to better imagine what something will look like: what is the scale, how does it relate to the environment; it significantly clarifies the context. This is especially important when working with multidisciplinary teams, such as in the projects we’ve done for Breitling, PVH (Tommy Hilfiger), Rituals, and KPN. Visualizing ideas and creating context allows us to help team members, partners, and clients convey ideas and make better decisions. In turn, they can use this form of content in their communications with their customers. It’s ideal for creating photorealistic designs of yet-to-be-released products to strike the right chord with the end customer.

3D digital signage in retail: forced perspective in-store

Forced perspective is making waves in prominent locations like Times Square. And it’s all over social media because, let’s face it, the effect is magical and very ‘Instagrammable.’ For Jumbo, we’ve created several displays for the in-store screens positioned at the entrance and within the store itself. We combined our expertise in store communication with our knowledge of the right perspective and technique to create the forced perspective effect. Jumbo has a strong retail media network, and advertisers see the magical effect of forced perspective. Besides Blueband, other brands have also reached out for standout displays on the screens in Jumbo stores.

The future of 3D content

The world of digital content is rapidly evolving. Where 2D graphics and videos were once the standard, we now see more 3D content emerging. This shift is driven by the need for more immersive and impactful visual experiences. 3D content can offer a level of engagement and realism that 2D content is somewhat limited in.

We continue to push the boundaries of digital content in every aspect. Our focus remains on leveraging 3D technology to create impactful and memorable user experiences. By staying at the forefront, we ensure that our clients benefit from the latest developments in 3D visualization, animation, and digital signage.

At First Impression, we know: the future is three-dimensional. Contact us and discover the possibilities of 3D content.