An all-in-one approach has transformed the entire TUI shop experience

A new uniform shop concept that is all about experience and service. That was what TUI wanted for its travel agencies. First Impression created the link between the dynamic shop experience and the digital sales channel. Cool!

Audiovisual technology Retail Digital signage

A new shop concept

From the earliest stages, we actively contributed ideas for the total shop concept. This focused on the integration of striking AV technology, including an impressive video wall, several displays and an interactive advice table. But it went beyond hardware alone; we also provided creative content on the displays, in three countries.

Window display

Digital poster

The white A4s in the shop window have been replaced with a digital poster. This immediately creates much more impact with beautiful images. On-screen offers are dynamically determined based on price factors, and access to data sources allows us to display relevant promotions at any time of day. Content is automatically generated by templates filled with a catchy headline, photo or videography and price.

Z-shaped video wall

In the waiting area, we placed a waiting softener in the creative form of a Z. This innovative solution is ideal for limited spaces compared to the standard rectangle, which often has a cross running down the middle of the content due to the bezels of the displays. The Z shape ensures maximum impact of the content.

Touch table solution

Interactive advice table

Travel captures everyone’s imagination. To enhance that experience, TUI customers can now explore their options through the advice table. The most frequently asked customer questions and answers are incorporated into the table. This includes the promotion shown in the window display. It even includes a digital colouring page for kids – handy!