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Evolution in Virtual Fitness

Basic-Fit and First Impression have been pursuing continuous fitness club optimisation and innovation since 2012. Together, we have created a treadmill of digital concepts and experiments with audio-visual technology in the company’s 1250+ clubs. Such as the self-service kiosk, virtual coach, on-demand group classes, virtual gym, digital signage, virtual spinning and even its own high-tech Basic-Fit recording studio. Together, that’s more than 15,400 displays.

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Self-service kiosk

As a cost-saving tool, we developed an automated check-in from idea to hardware, software, user experience design, integration, installation, and international roll-out.


Virtual gym

The right lesson at the right time in every club in Europe. With cleverly programmed light shows, sound and content. Fully automated and pushed to the right room and video wall. Meanwhile, these lessons are also available on-demand in the clubs at any time by scanning the QR code.

Display communication

Inform and inspire members with tailored content. From social media links to weather-based content and third-party ads. Dynamic yet standardized and automated.


On top of the game

We continually optimize the customer journey. We do this by continuously coming up with new concepts together, testing them, and then rolling them out smartly and quickly. Always based on smart technology, standardized solutions, and centralized content. One such concept is the on-demand group class. The GXR room, which is present in most Basic-Fit clubs, provides space for group classes without the need for an instructor to be there. The class can be started on-demand by simply scanning a QR code on the large screen in the room. The Basic-Fit club member can then choose a class and start immediately.

"What an energy bomb this collaboration is. Getting it right down to the smallest detail. Time after time after time."

René Moos | CEO Basic-Fit

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