Digital signage improves shopping experience at Jumbo

Jumbo Supermarkets is constantly innovating and renewing to improve the customer’s shopping experience. Rolling out a smart digital signage network is part of this. This roll-out comes with a clear ambition: to become the most innovative network within food retail.

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Digital in-store communication and retail media enhance shopping experience at Jumbo Supermarkets

Primarily to inspire customers and to tell the stories of the products. First Impression is Jumbo’s go-to partner for this, in terms of both strategy and execution.  


Digital signage as a powerful new medium

By installing digital screens to replace signs and posters, Jumbo is implementing a powerful new medium in its shops. Dynamic content makes it possible to reach customers even better with relevant and time-critical messages. Digital screens work like smart posters. Thanks to dynamic and automatically controlled content, Jumbo is able to switch very quickly and communicate with its customers in a much more targeted fashion. Unlike paper posters and POS materials, we can centrally control and automatically fine tune digital content to the moment, position and even offers or stock.

Retail media

Emerging advertising medium

Jumbo Supermarkets’ shops are an interesting and relevant place for advertisers to display their message and contribute to the investment in screens. This new and emerging advertising medium is called retail media.

The best message through digital screens

Jumbo wants its customers to take away the best message. The messages on the displays offer an element of experience on the shop floor and inspire shoppers while doing their daily shopping; in terms of, among other things, healthy food, seasonal products and the 7 Jumbo certainties. 


The most intelligent retail media network

The combination of extensive experience in retail and the available data, gives Jumbo interesting insights that in turn lead to effective in-storecampaigns. Because Jumbo is so close to the customer’s moment of purchase with its campaigns, the retail media network is extremely suitable for external advertisers. With this, Jumbo and its Jumbo Retail Media also has the best message and the best network for the advertiser.

Local campaigns

The local Jumbo manager knows their customer and knows exactly which target group spend which part of the day in the shop. It therefore also makes sense for Jumbo to invest in local campaigns. Shop managers and business owners themselves are able to plan local shopping on their own network within their own content management system. 


The best content campaigns

First Impression’s in-house agency works with Jumbo’s marketing team on the most creative content for all in-store displays. The base layer of this content consists of 13 campaigns throughout the year. These are the monthly campaigns with, for example, a barbecue campaign in summer, topped by the 1+1 free and Always Low Price campaign that returns a few times a year.



In addition to this base layer, Jumbo also has ongoing campaigns in the form of Jumbo Storytelling. First Impression’s creative agency takes care of the creative presentation of this content. Take, for example, one of Jumbo’s values: service with a smile. First Impression translates this value onto the displays by showing dishes that you can always take a moment to taste in the store. From luxury snacks at Christmas to juicy watermelon in the summer season.

Forced perspective‘ transforms flat images into a 3D experience by applying mathematical principles and optical illusions. This ensures that flat images appear to have depth and animations appear to jump out of the screen, leaving an unforgettable impression on the viewer.

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