During the Digital Signage Summit in Munich on May 22 and 23, we were present – both as guests as well as speakers – with a team from First Impression to share our experience and learn from peers and industry experts. One of the main parts of the summit was the Green Signage Hall of Fame. Invidis, host of the event, invited hardware suppliers and integrators to showcase their green initiatives during the conference. We revealed our sustainable innovation called Fairframe.

Fairframe: Pioneering Sustainable Design

We have always been at the forefront of sustainable practices in the digital signage industry. In fact, we are aiming to be the first B Corp certified integrator. A prime example of our dedication to sustainability is Fairframe, an all-wood digital signage casing. This innovative product not only underscores our commitment to sustainability but also demonstrates how aesthetic and functionality can go hand in hand with environmental responsibility. By making the production and manufacturing drawings of Fairframe available to other companies at no cost, First Impression is encouraging industry-wide adoption of sustainable practices.

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Green Takeaways from the Digital Signage Summit

The Digital Signage Summit in Munich served as a critical platform for discussing the future of digital signage, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. A major highlight was the stark contrast in how green initiatives are perceived and implemented in Europe versus North America. In Europe, sustainability is a central theme in digital signage projects and frequently features in Requests for Proposals (RFPs). In the North American market, sustainability often takes a backseat, particularly among companies with a regional rather than global focus.

As the industry continues to evolve, the European market is setting a high bar for sustainability. It is anticipated that North American companies will soon follow suit, recognizing the long-term benefits of green practices not only for the environment but also for their operational efficiencies and brand reputation. The Munich summit has undoubtedly reinforced the importance of sustainability, and our contributions, such as Smart Service and our Network Operations Center, demonstrate the positive impact that can be achieved when companies commit to green initiatives.

The Zoo of Digital Signage Software

Not only did Fairframe steal the show during the Digital Signage Summit, but several of our own experts also participated in various panel discussions. Many of these sessions were linked to this year’s main theme: Connecting Signage: The Shift to Software-Defined Visual Solutions.

Marvin Vacquier Droop took the stage for two sessions. Software is increasingly becoming the defining component in the digital signage ecosystem, with rising demands on development and service. Numerous panels at the conference addressed this topic, one of them directly pinpointing the “Missing Standards in Digital Signage Software: The Zoo of DS Software”: CMS, RDM, OS, etc. These are a few abbreviations for different types of digital signage software – and it is not always easy to tell them apart. This panel brought structure to the software ‘zoo’ and answered some key questions: What different kinds of digital signage software exist? What are their distinctive strengths? And how will they merge into a single one-for-all platform in the future?

The end of CMS?

The other session was perhaps even more up Marvin’s alley. On the second day of the conference, Marvin shed light on the world of programmatic DOOH. Programmatic DOOH is currently the hottest topic in the out-of-home industry. And for good reason: it has completely transformed how we plan, buy, and execute media. And we immediately answered the burning question of whether we could ever master DOOH and Retail Media without a CMS. For now, it looks like that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Rising Star and Disruptor

Invidis presents its yearbook at every edition of the Digital Signage Summit, featuring all the latest trends, products, software, and platforms in digital signage. A key part of this yearbook is the market compass, which breaks down the digital signage market by region. First Impression was highlighted in four regions, where we’re seen as a rising star & disruptor in EMEA and DACH, a major player in France, and the market leader in the Benelux. Our Chief Inspiration Officer, Koen Wouters, took part in two panels on the second day of the summit, partly in connection with the market compass. In the first panel, Koen had the floor to share the story of how First Impression started and grew into the ‘disruptor’ we are today. Right after that, Koen joined a panel on the distribution and procurement of digital signage software. A sharp discussion unfolded, making it crystal clear that good software is nothing without, you guessed it, good hardware.