We live for impact and constantly challenge ourselves to do better. Our innovations go beyond just technology; they extend into our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). That’s how we build a community where all our stakeholders can contribute and create a working environment where all our AVenturers® feel comfortable developing and nurturing their passions and talents. 

Driver of positive change

Ron Haans, CEO and founder of First Impression, notes that corporate social responsibility has always been an unconscious part of our DNA. In 2021, this alignment with sustainable business intensified when our partner, Rituals, aimed for B Corp certification. They challenged us, as their supplier, to scrutinize our supply chain and step up our sustainability efforts. Motivated by this challenge, we decided to officially pursue B Corp certification to recognize our longstanding values. 

Initiating annual impact assessments in 2021, we have identified numerous opportunities to challenge the status quo. Aiming to be the first B Corp certified AV integrator by 2024, we understand that achieving this certification requires a focus on the five key B Corp pillars: governance, employees, community, environment, and customers. Our commitment is to meet these standards and make a positive impact within our organization and globally. 

Embedding in corporate statutes

Transitioning to a B Corp-certified company isn’t just about external promises; it involves profound internal transformation. It’s crucial that everyone gets involved. This change is about collective efforts and building a foundation for growth and improvement, rather than just individual initiatives.

Floris Bouckaert, our sustainability coordinator, highlights the challenges in establishing uniform KPIs and integrating sustainability processes across all departments. He points out that although each department has its own KPIs, they are not always consistent. We are actively working to better align these processes. Committed to improving an integration like this one, Floris coordinates teams toward shared goals steers. In line with B Corp guidelines, we are now crafting a Theory of Change. This framework will detail the necessary measures and monitoring techniques we must adopt across all teams. In addition, he reveals that in terms of employee engagement, we already meet and exceed B Corp standards, a fact that hadn’t been formally recognized until now.  

Sustainable leadership

With bold strategies and smart implementations, such as our Network Operations Center and Smart Deployment, we position ourselves as pioneers in the AV industry. We continuously challenge our major suppliers to adopt sustainable practices and choose collaborations that reflect our values, ensuring every decision aligns with our commitment to sustainability. This extends beyond certifications; it redefines our business operations with a firm focus on sustainability and social impact.

At the end of 2023, we submitted our initial score for the B Impact Assessment (BIA), an online questionnaire that evaluates each response based on its impact on People, Planet, and Profit. As we await our certification, we’re already using it as a catalyst to inspire others.

Sustainability is more than an agenda item; it is the foundation of your business operations. Start small and see each step as progress toward a better world.

Ron Haans – CEO and founder First Impression