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Network Operations Center

A sustainable solution for your digital signage network

You need your in-store digital displays, touch tables or any other interactive medium to be online when customers are within reach. With our NOC we monitor every digital medium in your showroom or retail location remotely. Most of our installations are operated by an external media player that provides data and health status. Making sure your device is running smoothly at any time. If not, we will tell you about it and normally have it fixed within moments. 

Immediately when we detect an anomaly in the normal usage profile of the solution, we receive a trigger and enables us to take the necessary action to prevent or correct a problem. This way, we guarantee the optimum return of the digital signage solution. Also important in case you have a retail media strategy in place for your physical stores. Simply put: black screens = no revenue. We monitor all your digital signage remotely. Our service engineers are available 24/7 to make sure your digital signage is online.

999% uptime, no matter which technology is installed

No more black displays thanks to our precise alert system. All hardware is connected to our database. We can read and interpreter any data coming into our NOC. We know if there is an inconsistency in temperature, brightness, status and more. In most cases, we see ánd fix an issue even before the customer notices anything wrong.  



Every brand can be connected to our Network Operations Center

The beauty of our NOC is that it is fully customizable and brand independent. We have the knowhow and inhouse specialiststo connect every type and brand to their NOC. Next to that, we are very serious about safety and cyber security and expect this level of consciousness of our partners and suppliers.